Cherie has been a professional writer for 15 years, with experience in magazine, newspaper, and business writing. She graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2007 with a Masters of Professional Writing (MAPW). She is the author of 150 articles in 15 national publications; contributor in two books; author of one chapters. For seven years, Cherie wrote "Kidding Around" as a columnist and freelance stringer for "The Sun Newspapers" syndicate (Wheaton, Naperville & Bolingbrook, IL).

Cherie’s editing experience includes serving as the Editor of "The Sentinel" newspaper, a student-run 25,000 circulation newspaper for the Kennesaw State University. While there, "The Sentinel" won second place in the College Newspaper Publications category for best news reporting in 2003-2004. Cherie is proficient in developing newsletters, corporate and business materials and a weekly email newsletter and has experience in copyediting, content editing, and proofreading.

For business and corporate writing, Cherie has worked as a developer, writer, editor and designer of a wide range of business materials, including brochures, newsletters, and websites.

For a complete Resume and Curriculum Vitae in PDF format, click here.

Masters of Professional Writing (MAPW) from Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA (May 11, 2007).
BS in Communication: Media Studies from Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA (May 13, 2004).

Awards and Memberships
2004 – Best Research Thesis for the Communication Dept. at Kennesaw State University.

Golden Key Member
Phi Kappa Phi
Lamda Del Eta
Georgia Writers Association: Secretary 2007

Published Blog Posts (2012) (

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Published Magazine Articles

  • (2007) June/July, YouthWorker Journal, Somewhere in Asia.
  • (2007) January/Feburary, YouthWorker Journal, Life and Death Ministry in the Czech Republic.
  • (2006) May/June, YouthWorker Journal, Bare-Bones Youth Ministry in Toluca, Mexico.
  • (2005) September/October, Group Magazine, The Long Goodbye: Helping Kids Cope with Suicide.
  • (2003) May/June, Group Magazine, Our Dirty Little Secret: Bullying.
  • (2003) July/August, Catholic Parent, Going Once, Going Twice.
  • (2003) June, Disney’s Family Fun, Hosting a Family Chores Auction.
  •  (2003) January/February, YouthWorker Journal, Twisting Arms or Tweaking Lives?  
  •  (2002) November/December, YouthWorker Journal, Recruiting Volunteers.
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  • (2002) January, History’s Women, A Mysterious Woman, The Life of Dorothy Sayers.
  • (2001) November/December, YouthWorker Journal, Six Sizzing Ideas for your Website.
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  • (1995) Winter, AWANA Signal, Attention Disorders in Your Club.
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  • (1989) November/December, The Balancing Act: Family & Day Care — All in One House.


Published Newspaper Articles

  • (2003) August 13, KSU Sentinel, Tenacious Student Graduates from Kennesaw State University at age 69.
  • (2003) February, NorthSide News, Ponier Brings Music to the Heart of Acworth.
  •  (2003) February 26, KSU Sentinel, Distinguished Chair Focuses on Changes in Journalism.
  • (2003) February 26, KSU Sentinel, Food Fight! Fast Food Industry or Customer: Who’s to Blame for Obesity?
  • (2003) 99,998, 99,999…Writing Center Celebrates 100,000th Student Visit to Center, February 26, 2003, The KSU Sentinel.
  • (2003) February 26, KSU Sentinel, Reading and Writing in the Digital Era.
  • (2003) February 19, KSU Sentinel, Conference to Highlight Technology
  • (2003) February 12, KSU Sentinel, Career Services Center Matches Students with Employers.
  • (2003) February 12, KSU Sentinel (Movie Review), Hungry for Home.
  • (2003) January 29, KSU Sentinel, Theater Major Makes it Big in Nashville.
  • (2003) January, NorthSide News, This Yankee Has Come Home!
  • (2002) November 13, KSU Sentinel, America Reads Needs You.
  • (2002) November 13, KSU Sentinel, Professor Nominated for Literary Awards.
  • (2002) November 13, KSU Sentinel, The Civil War Returns to KSU.
  • (2002) November 6, KSU Sentinel, Alumni Group Hosts Homecoming Reception.
  • (2002) November 6, KSU Sentinel, KSU Home to Cosmo Hunk.
  • (2002) October 23, KSU Sentinel, Play Almost "Buried" by Power Outage.
  • (2002) October 20,KSU Sentinel, Olympic Skier Says "Winners Get Up Faster.”.
  • (2002) October 20, KSU Sentinel, Pianist Gives Unique Performance at KSU.
  • (2002) October, Magnolia Magazine, Yankee Come Home.
  • (2002) October 16, KSU Sentinel, Alcohol Awareness Week Comes to KSU.
  • (2002) October 16, KSU Sentinel, Carter Surprise Winner of Nobel Prize.
  • (2002) October 9, KSU Sentinel, College Students Demonstrate Dangerous Drinking Habits.
  • (2000) January 14, The Wheaton Sun Newspaper, Christian Music Performer Comes to Wheaton: Geoff Moore.
  • (1998) September, The Wheaton Sun, Uneasy Neighbors.

Fiction Publications

  • (1993) Discoveries, Thief in the Church.
  • (1993) Teen Power, Trapped in a Cave.
  • (1993) July/August, Venture Magazine, The Ump’s Best Call.
  • (1993) July, Junior Trails, Kim’s Colt.
  • (1993) Teen Power (Scripture Press), The Foster Kid.

Book Publications

  • (2007) Kinnick, K.N. Pushing the envelope: The role of the mass media in the mainstreaming of pornography. In Mardia J. Bishop and Ann C. Hall (Eds.) Pop/Porn: The Proliferation of Pornography in American Pop Culture, Greenwood Press (a division of Praeger). Original research by C.K. Miller contributed to this chapter.
  • (2002) Tyndale House, Women at the Well: 33 Devotions for Thirsty Souls, (Book chapter).
  • (1998) August, AWANA International, Awana Leadership Manual.
  •  (1996) Moody Press, Little Minds with Big Hearts (contribution: Kentucky Fried).
  • (1996) July/August, AWANA International, Awana Commander-Director Guide (256 pg. manual).

Co-Authored Articles

  • (2001) September, Magnolia Magazine, The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Reflections on September 11, 2001. (co-written with Dr. Ike Reighard, Pastor of NorthStar Church).
  • (1996) October, Wherever Magazine, What’s So Great About the Great Commission? (co-author: Dr. Dann Spader, President, Sonlife Ministries).
  • (1995) September/October, Youth Ministries Magazine, The Real Ministry is Youth Ministry, (co-author: Dr. Dann Spader, President, Sonlife Ministries).
  • (1995) September, The Spectrum (CBA America), A Ministry Philosophy (co-author: Dr. Dann Spader, President, Sonlife Ministries).
  • (1995) July, Life’95, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Peer Evangelism Will Reach This World, (co-author: Dr. Dann Spader, President, Sonlife Ministries).
  • (1995) March, National Religious Broadcaster, The Lost Art of Peer Evangelism, (co-author: Dr. Dann Spader, President, Sonlife Ministries).
  • (1994) November, Advent Christian Witness, What’s so Great About the Great Commission? (co-author: Dr. Dann Spader, President, Sonlife Ministries).
  • (1994) April, National Religious Broadcaster, Music – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. (co-author: Dr. Dann Spader, President, Sonlife Ministries).
  • (1993) December, National Religious Broadcaster, Why Does the Devil Have All the Good TV? (co-author: Dr. Dann Spader, President, Sonlife Ministries).
  • (1993) June, National Religious Broadcaster, They Said It Couldn’t Be Done!, (co-author: Dr. Dann Spader, President, Sonlife Ministries).
  • (1993) December

National Conference Presentations

  • Miller, C. & Kinnick, K.N. (2005, February 12). Toxic speech: A content analysis of top 50 song lyrics. Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication Midwinter Conference, Kennesaw, Georgia.


June 1995 – Write to Publish Conference, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL.February 2007 – The 5th Annual Dahlonega Literary Festival, Dahlonega, Georgia

For a complete Resume and Curriculum Vitae in PDF format, click here.