Today’s Best Book Marketing Advice
By Steve & Cherie Miller, author of SELL MORE BOOKS!

Most authors are looking for that magic formula :

Do this one thing _____ (fill in the blank – Facebook, Twitter, book signings)
Add a liberal amount of another thing (press releases, author interviews on radio) and
BOOM: Great book sales!

Don’t we all wish it was this easy? As Steve and I researched the information for our newest book, Sell More Books!, our motivation was our own motley collection of books we’d produced over the past few years. We have a money book, a music book, a Scrabble word book, and a book of advice from other authors on how to write.

We researched the best advice on how to market our books. Here’s the myths we encountered out thre in the “real world” of book marketing:

•Get on television, preferably Oprah! And you’ll sell thousands So Steve landed a gig (twice!) on our local television and ABC network. One morning show and one afternoon show. Because we can track our sales daily with our royalty system we discovered that we garnered exactly ZERO sales from both television appearances.

•Blog about your topic to become a thought leader. Even on the surface this one made me skeptical. For the past year I’ve written for my own very popular blog on the topic of pets. Now that’s a broad topic, but even so, there are some weeks I’m left scratching my head for a compelling topic. If you’ve just written the latest fiction novel on police officers fighting crime, I cannot see how you could invest the time and energy necessary to garner an audience that would make blogging a break-even proposition. The downside with this advice is that you’ll never write another book again – you’ll be too busy bogging.

As we interviewed low-profile and new authors like us, we discovered something quite counter-intuitive. Book marketing is not a one-size-fits all proposition. What works for one author, is a killer for another, so you need to research your very best marketing strategy from the thousands of possibilities out there today. (If you think we’re exaggerating, look up John Kremer’s book 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.)

Try these innovative methods for making your next book a best-seller:

• The author of The Dogs of Katrina focused her efforts exclusively on Facebook.

• The author of a crafting book who’s located in Alaska (can’t get much farther away from media outlets that she is, but she still sells her quilting books) by focusing her marketing efforts on building up her YouTube channel. She has lots of long dark nights to create new videos and she’s being smart about marketing her book that lends itself to hands on marketing.

• Danny Kofke is a wiz at getting on television. He’s already been booked on CNN, Clark Howard and others. His strategy is to focus solely on radio and television. He contacts (via email and phone) 300 outlets a week. He’s a busy dad and teacher living in a small community in North Georgia. He’s not the type of media darling you’d expect.
• David Cady wrote a thrilling crime novel about a kidnapping and set the book in a tourist area of Chattanooga, TN. The Tennessee Aquarium attracts 1,000,000 visitors, the Chattanooga Choo Choo has nearly 500,000 visitors and the Rock City Gardens and Ruby Falls attraction has over 400,000 visitors every year. David visited gift shops at those attractions to have them sell his book to the tourists who’re already interested in this area. He also had a local diner sell his book at the cash register after tourists filled up on good ole Southern cooking. The best thing about David’s strategy is that often he’s the only fiction book in the shop!

Want to find out what’ll work for YOUR book marketing? Read this book!